Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's the Little Things in Life...

Today our good friend, Martin (S/V Summer Wind), took us out on his sail-share Hunter 36.  It was a unexpected surprise as he had dropped into town this weekend to go sailing and invited us to come along.  It has been a while since we've been out on the ocean so it was welcome change from the monotony of our boat work.  I forget how connected I am to the ocean.  This is going to sound silly, but there is nothing like the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves hitting the hull that can make everything else feel insignificant, like nothing else matters in life but that very moment.  Just sitting out there just looking out into the horizon really helped realign my soul and my mind.  I felt I was home again, and it reminded me why I wanted to do this.  I guess I am happiest when we are sailing and I realize that I lost sight of the simplicity of nature.  How profound it can feel, like you have all the answers, balanced to some respect, and the perspective you gain from just being out there is indescribable.  You realize that it doesn't take much to be happy, that it's quite simple.   There is no other feeling like it, and it's either you feel that way about it or you don't. 

Our good friend, Martin, at the helm

On our way out