Sunday, May 8, 2011

A New Leak

It rained 2 days ago, and of course, we discovered a new leak.  It was just above the pilot berth and more than a few drops of rain had come in.  We couldn't, for the life of us, figure out where the heck it was coming from.  After some thought, we figured out that it might be coming from the deck where the shore power connects.  So today, Frank took off the plate and replaced the hardened seal with butyl tape.  We're hoping that this is the source, as it makes the most sense.

Hole where shore power connects

Butyl tape seal

Old crappy seal. notice the ring where the deck cut out was and how it goes out past the edge (thats where our leak was coming form)

Right now, as I'm writing, he's trying to fix our air conditioning system.  For some reason, it keeps shutting itself off with an error message "HHH" blinking in the screen indicating that the system isn't getting a sufficient supply of raw water for it's cooling.  This means that either: something is obstructing the sea-cock (possibly barnacles), the pump isn't working properly, or the system needs to be flushed out.  We can rule out the latter because we just flushed it out and turned the unit on and after 10 minutes, the error message came on again.  He's now removing the water line because it's connected to the water-maker and reconnecting it so it connects in a straight shot to the pump for the AC unit.  Hopefully that works....because we don't want to have to haul out or dive under to clean out the thru-hull.

I just realized that I have forgotten to mention our internet situation.  It's been about a month now, and we finally have steady internet coming in from our super antenna.  This antenna allows us to catch signal from more than a mile away.  We installed it a couple of weeks ago, and after much troubleshooting with the guy who programmed the system, and finagling with a marina a mile away to get their password, we're able to get a consistent connection.  It works great and I'm really happy that we invested the money in buying it because we pretty much have free internet.  For those of you who are reading this and want to order it, we got it from this guy named Dalton who runs  He was really helpful and the unit wasn't too expensive for what it is.  Though you could get it cheaper if you order all of the parts separately, for us the customer support through wififorboats was worth the extra money  (Gee, I sound like a commercial for this.  Hehehe.)

Our super antenna


  1. Hello and congrats on your new boat/home!

    Your blog site is great. You have an excellent collection of HC Yacht web sites and thank you for including us in that list! A couple of comments...

    A) we noticed that the text from your "No more Spaghetti-Os" post and older is very small, and

    B) there is no email address for contacting you. For our site we copied Bella Star's idea and made it a photo so it can not be found by spam search engines.

    Surveyors are not perfect, just required! Our surveyor did not even come close to finding all the little issues with the boat, but Lance did. During our three hour inspection he explored every nook and corner and took over 400 photos. The next day we did the survey!

    Keep in touch!

    Lance & Carol

  2. So many of your boat projects mirror ours. I've got the Wifi for boats, our boat has a new engine, we're redoing the decks, I've redone the head and holding tank plumbing. Just have to get more projects done. We're also friends with Rebel Heart and took out the crew of Bella Star while they were here in San Diego. All the best on your boat projects and future adventures. Nate, Natalie and Sully from S/V Astraea