Sunday, December 18, 2011

Boat Bling

Moitessier has many different personalities, sometimes she's nurturing and motherly, taking care of us when we need her; at her best, she's strong and fearless; her worst, stubborn and finicky.  Occasionally, she's downright diva.  She has no problem letting us know what she wants and when she wants it.   Moitessier hasn't learned English (thankfully so, because Frank has definitely said some mean things about her lately),  but this does not prevent her from getting her point across.  She let us know, in no uncertain terms, that no dress up is complete without some fine, shiny jewelry to go along with her new Cetol outfit on deck.  She made her request heard by "developing" a leak in her shower fixture.  Mind you, we've never even used this shower (we use the one at the marina...too much condensation, see previous post).  So being the spoiling parents that we are, we bought her a new faucet (we didn't really have a choice), made of solid brass.  That's like the platinum of boat jewelry.

Before.  Notice the blue tape, that was
our way of delaying the inevitable
Pretty :) 
Luckily, we were able to find one the exact same size as the older one.  The fittings used to connect it to our water system appear to be custom machined as they were all in odd sizes.  The fixture itself is made for iron claw bathtubs, and it's really suiting to the overall decor of Moitessier.  Our older one appears to be of a similar make (not as pretty), but it did not include a spout.  We decided to leave the spout on as it would be a very good way to fill up a bucket of fresh water (if we ever need to do so).  The biggest pain to this (as no project is as straight forward as it should be) was getting the older fittings to seal up properly.  Plumbing is not something Frank enjoys or is very good at, but as usual, he's learning as he goes.  At the same time, we figured it would be prudent to replace the shower sump hose as well so off it went.

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