Tuesday, June 18, 2013

May the Force be with Yu

Lightning strikes are a serious concern for any sailboat owner.  You are essentially running around with a 50 some odd foot lightning rod right smack in the middle of your boat.  Getting hit by lightning could really ruin your day.  Aside from the obvious physical danger, having to remove/buy/and reinstall all new electronics can do some serious damage to your wallet and emotional well being.  Since I'm already emotionally unstable as it is, it wouldn't be smart to take any chances.  There are several precautions you can take to mitigate your risks of a strike, and there are a few products being directly marketed for exactly this purpose.  One of which already came with our mast is a dissipator that is designed to disperse static electricity, thereby reducing the favorable condition for lightning to hit.  We hear that these are literally hit or miss, and the effectiveness is questionable.  There is, however, a new product out there that is not necessarily marketed for lightning protection but, from our research has a 100% success rate with rigorous real world testing to back it up.  Thanks to s/v Bella Star, we have discovered the secret of the Lego men.  By placing a Lego man atop your mast, you not only gain a valuable third watchman, but also a fool proof and tested way to protect your electronics and loved ones aboard.  According to the crew of Bella Star, "There have been no recorded incidents of sailboats with Lego guys glued to the masthead being struck by lightning.  EVER." And it's true, we've asked around.  Darth Vader was our choice as he seems like the most intimidating and formidable ally we could have.  I'm sure lightning would not wanna mess with him (I try to avoid him at all costs).  Plus, he has a light saber, which could come in handy for killing any unwanted birds.  


  1. Funny. Not what I expected.

  2. It is true I have independently validated the research. There have been no reported strikes of free static electricity on ships containing Lego men.

  3. Thanks for backing this up Terry! There are many skeptics out there that will make you feel foolish over this, but I can attest to it that it has worked very well for us thus far.