Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Closest to Heaven a Sailor Will Ever be....

I climbed up the mast a few days ago so that I could install the Windex as well as connect our Furuno anemometer.  The old ones were destroyed when the mast was unstepped and we elected to wait until the mast was re-stepped before installing the new ones.  This was the 4th time I have climbed our mast, and for some reason, I was a little nervous about going aloft this time.  Perhaps it was because it was my first time aloft on our boat while on the hard, or maybe it was because we were the only ones responsible for replacing every element of our rigging, but it felt much higher than usual.  Once I got all the way to the top, Darth helped quell some of my nervousness and I was able to enjoy the beautiful view of St Augustine.

Frank looks so tiny.. 
It works!


  1. Moitessier looks awesome from above. All the work on the deck and bow sprit make her look really great.

  2. Hey,

    The boat is looking terrific. Yu you seem to have your game face on. I know you don't want to talk about it but we know that you are so close to splash down... We continue to be inspired by you two. We have been talking about which lego characters we are going to affix to the masthead. So far Darth and Luigi are in the cast. We may wind up with the whole cast of The Empire Strikes Back.

    We have also been studying up on renaming rituals. We particularly like the champagne part of the festivities.

    In 14 days we take another look at the Hans that has stolen our hearts. One of the reasons is that they, like you Frank, have kept the brass so shiny. After that next visit I believe it will be time to make an offer on the rest of our lives.

    We are excited for you and excited for us. Thanks again for the inspiration.