Monday, December 2, 2013

Kiwi Spirit

After 2 days of false starts, Dr. Stanley Paris finally left bright and early this morning from the St Augustine Docks for his attempt to sail non-stop around the world.  He will sail solo, non-stop, totally green (without an engine or any hydrocarbons of any sort).  He plans to sail north-east to Bermuda, round it (without stopping) and start challenging an existing sailing speed record of 150 days set by Dodge Morgan in 1986.  He is aiming for a trip of around 120 days and if he beats the existing record, he will be the oldest, 76 years old, to sail around the world as well as the only boat that has done so using solely green energy.

We went down to the city marina yesterday to see him off, but unfortunately for us it was another false start. We did get a chance to take a gander at his boat the Kiwi SpiritKiwi Spirit is designed by Farr and built by Lyman-morse out of epoxy-infused carbon, E-glass and Kevlar, with a thermo-core.  She has a hydraulic lifting keel which draws 14-feet, 9-inches (down) as well as four water ballast compartments to help counter her rig.  Solar panels line the deck, 4 hydro-generators are mounted on the stern, as well as the 2 wind generators that will all help charge the ion phosphate batteries. High tech stuff and very cool to see up close. We wish him the best of luck, what he is attempting to do especially at his age is truly inspirational.  We look forward to being here for his return in another 4 months or so.  If you're interested in following him, click here.

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