Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dingy Dinghy Fitting

With the outboard motor finally remedied (or so we thought), we decided to go for a dinghy ride yesterday.  Since I have been marathon bar tending, working 6 days a week since we got back from NY, it was a much welcome respite for my one day off.   Midway through our ride, the motor conked out on us.  This was due to a faulty fitting (the fitting that attaches from the gas tank to the outboard), which to our surprise failed after only one day of use.  Piece of crap!  Luckily for us, Frank had the foresight to carry an extra fitting with him and quickly jerry-rigged it as I was in the midst of very slowly rowing us back to the marina.  With a quick jaunt to West Marine, a new fitting was bought and re-installed.  We resumed our chilly, but fun ride on the water in search of dolphins.  We never did find them, but being on the water, feeling the wind blow on my face, and seeing wildlife everywhere most certainly made my day.  

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