Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Warderwick Wells

After spending a week relaxing at Staniel and enjoying the luxuries of having unlimited provisions and civilization, we moved on to Warderwick Wells.  Warderwick Wells is considered one of the gems of the Bahamas, as it is a marine preserve with a "no take" rule, forbidding anyone to fish or take anything off the islands.  On the first night of our arrival, as we were out in the cockpit enjoying the blanket of stars spread above us, we noticed schools of bioluminescent jellyfish floating by.  They weren't the typical phosphorescence we were used to seeing, they were actual glowing jellyfish with clear skin that you could see the it change from an electric blue to a lime green.  You could see the insides of jellyfish illuminate as it changed colors.  That was most definitely the highlight of the marine park.  After spending a day and 2 nights here, we decided to move on and not pay another $30 a night for a mooring ball as though the park was beautiful, we did not find it to be so extraordinary from the rest of the cays we have visited thus far. Next stop....Black Point Settlement.  

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