Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chainplates-Part 2 (finally!)

So after about a month and a half of waiting and fretting, we finally got our chainplates! Yay, they fit, it's a miracle.  The machine shop in NY did an excellent job and they ended up being cheaper than the place down here in St. Augustine (including shipping), which was a real bonus.  To anyone who is reading this and ever need to get anything custom made in metal, ship it up to Dutchess Metal Supply  ( in Poughkeepsie, NY.  They are really accurate, great with communication, and competitively price.  I know I sound like a spokesperson for them, I'm just so damn grateful that they fit. While I'm giving shout outs, I'd also like to commend our polisher who also did an outstanding job.  We had asked for a mirror finish, and he spent hours getting them just that way.  They came out better than we had expected, and his price was more than reasonable.  The place is called Beaches Brass Polishing, located in Jacksonville.

They fit!

So Shiny!

We also got our staysail stay back from JSI, that also came out as perfect as we had hoped, and we're going to finally fit it tomorrow onto our spanking new chainplates.  From there, we're going to move on to the lower shrouds and chainplates and send them in.  Frank is thinking of making a fake chainplate so that we can take off 2 chainplates at a time.   One side will be mocked up with the fake chainplate (made out of bar stock) and a lower shroud, and the other side will be a halyard jury rigged in place of the other lower shroud and tying that up to a scrupper.  7 more chainplates to go...bright side being that at least the ball is finally rolling on this project.

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