Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th

We spent today watching fireworks from Martin's Hunter 41.  Let me first start by  explaining with a little back story of who Martin is.  Martin is someone we had crewed with on a Swan 48 last year, coming back from Bermuda to NY.  It was a very eventful 5 days as we had experienced everything from a gale in 40 kts, to flat calm, to watching Martin seriously injure himself while grabbing something from a snack cabinet during rough weather, breaking his collarbone.  Long story short, we hadn't seen him or contacted him since sometime last fall...he lives and works in Altanta, GA so it is quite odd and serendipitous that we bump into him here in St. Augustine. Coincidentally, our trip from Bermuda was exactly this time last year, falling in the first week of July, and Frank, of course, bumps into him at the West Marine here in town.  Once again, Poseidon has quite a sense of humor, twisting fate so that us sailors were reunited at the same exact time this year.  Anyhow, Martin just bought a sail share in Camanchee Cove (a 10 minute drive from us) and was shopping around for harnesses for his guests when he bumped into Frank.  Frank had recognized him from behind and the sound of his voice, and shared a good laugh about the strange coincidence.   Today, he invited us to join him on his boat to watch the fireworks display.  It was lovely and we couldn't have asked for a better 4th of July.    

Martin on the left

Favorite photo...
Port and Starboard fireworks :)

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