Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cumberland Island

Just got back from a sailing trip to Cumberland Island.  No, unfortunately, not on our boat :( it was a great sailing adventure nonetheless.  Martin, the guy we sailed with from Bermuda to NY, invited us along last minute for a weekend sail up there on his Hunter 41.  The itinerary: Left early Friday morning, sailed all day about 15 miles offshore, docked in Amelia Island around 8pm, spent the night there and got up early for an hour sail to Cumberland Island.  We spent the day on the island and left around sunset for a night sail back to St. Augustine.  Ah...night sailing...one of my favorite things.


We spent the day on the island exploring the secluded beaches and live oak forests.     There were wild horses on the island (what Cumberland is known for), and seeing these majestic creatures in the wild grazing on the grass and spanish moss was awesome.

The weather was spectacular and it was so nice to be
out on the ocean again.  There is a certain tranquility I feel out there that is indescribable, I feel so at peace...Coming back has definitely put a fire under our asses in getting this boat ship shape.  It's reminded us of why we are going through all of this hard work and frustration...now we just need to figure it all out.


  1. Great pictures! And we know how you feel! We've been rebuilding a steel boat for the past couple years, and its easy to lose that "fire under your ass" when it's all work and no sail. We're finally leaving this winter to start our big cruise starting from central Florida. Good luck to ya'll- maybe we'll see you out there =)

  2. Hello! We just checked out your blog, you guys have come a long, long way and we are very impressed. That's a lot of work!! I wish we were at the point you are, getting read to cruise...it must very rewarding. Where in central florida are you? I noticed your hailing port was in Jacksonville. If you're ever in St Augustine, feel free to look us up. Good luck and have fun with your many adventures ahead. Keep the blog going...we need someone to live vicariously through.