Monday, October 10, 2011

Worrisome Windy Weather on the Water

Right now, we are in the biggest storm we've been in since we've bought the boat.  A Nor'easter combined with a tropical low forming nearly on top of us to be be exact. I've never been so aware of nature's impact during a storm as I am now.  I have taken it for granted all my life because I've always lived on land, in a house or an apartment, safely nestled in my bed or watching TV on a couch, completely oblivious to the forces of nature.  Totally different on the water.  The past couple of days, we've been having sustained 35 knot winds with 50 kt+ gusts, and the sound this makes on the rigging is indescribable and terrifying.  Couple the sinister howling with the intermittent downpours bulleting down on our cabin-tops and the rocking of our boat...all of this makes you hyperaware and very respectful of Mother Nature.  Frank and I have not been sleeping soundly the past couple of nights, going in and out of sleep, subconsciously listening for any peculiar sounds that may signify a dock-line breaking or anything else that would threaten our home.  Being on a boat, you are vulnerable to so many elements of nature, and feeling the direct impact of her is terribly humbling.

It's been a nerve wracking month, in this sense, because we've had a few close calls with hurricanes, and being from up north, these things are pretty scary!  Especially when they threaten to take your boat and everything you own along with it.  Hurricane Irene, ironically enough, missed us and hit NY, which is crazy because we all know that NY doesn't frequently get them.  With these fears in mind, we have put off removing any stays or chainplates until we are clear of this dreaded season.  Another delay, but better to be safe than sorry.


While we are on the topic of the scariness of losing our home, our condolences goes out to the crew on Dolphins, a Hans Christian 33. Their boat recently caught on fire, burned to the waterline, and sank while they were anchored in Spain.  Luckily they made it off safely, but our hearts break for them, as they lost everything with it.  For details, check out their blog listed on the right, under "Le Grand Voyage."

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words. We are in the search for a new boat. As it turns out, among the hundreds we have reviewed online and many we have visited, only the Hans Christians can capture our hearts. I will be in Florida next week to view one, but in St. Pete's; a bit far from you, otherwise I would visit. Fair winds, -Mathias mr.dubilierATgmailDOTcom