Friday, May 10, 2013

Two Peas and a Pod

Since it pretty much rained all last week, Frank got antsy and built us a NavPod using a tupperware container as a mold.  NavPods tend to be expensive, and since we had the materials to build one, Frank just went ahead and did it.  He found a 3 gal rubbermaid "rough neck" container that perfectly fit our Raymarine C-90 chartplotter.  He was able to use that as a base mold for it.  It still looks a bit like a tupperware container, but for $5, I aint complaining.

After that was done and since it was still raining, he installed us a new stereo system.  We had the stereo itself from our old boat, and it simply needed new speakers.  The new system pumps out decent sound, has a plug for an i-pod, and is seamlessly integrated into our DC system.   Now I all I need is a disco ball so I can have my solo dance parties in style.  Next rainy day I'll have to convince Frank that we need one dangling from our butterfly hatches.

1 comment:

  1. The NavPod turned out pretty good. Nice way to hide the extra wires in the back of the plotter.

    I have a 706G too. Good radios. ;)