Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home is Wherever You May be…

Since I didn’t have much more time off from work, Frank and I had to leave the Pearson in Norfolk while it underwent some repairs.   We rented a car and drove to NY to see family and friends and to take care of some business.  Upon entering Brooklyn and seeing the NY skyline, I was so overjoyed to be home again that I actually teared up.  I had forgotten how much I had missed this place and it was so nice to see something so familiar.  Frank has been making fun of me for crying since, but I think he was secretly as happy as I was.  My parents welcomed us home with a huge Chinese dinner of lobster, crab, snails, jackknife clams, roast pork, and Chinese wegetabals…. It was otherworldly, and just what we needed after a week of traveling.   

Gai Lan Choy (Chinese Broccoli Rabe)
Atlantic Jackknife Clam

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