Monday, July 22, 2013

Pearson Trip-Day 6

Monday, July 22, 2013
We have been awaiting a good weather window for the past couple of days.  Unfortunately for us, it looks like the soonest we can leave to go around Hatteras would be this Wed.  The sad part about this is that because we have time constraints, Frank and I will be getting off the boat in Norfolk instead of taking it all the way up to NY.   Initially, I had taken a couple of weeks off from work to try to accommodate this schedule, but even with an extra week window, the delays have finally caught up with us. 

It’s been blowing a steady 25-30kts here in Morehead City.  The wind is fierce and the water in the inlet is running wild.  This morning, we had a bit of a debacle with the jib.  In an attempt to get it down the mast to fix the roller furler, the damn thing got stuck.  Nothing could be done to free the sail, so Frank had to shimmy up the forestay and cut it loose.  Afterwards, we ran around town to get the parts we needed to remedy some the boat problems we encountered on our way here.   Morehead City in itself is a pretty small town geared mostly to boaters.  The people here are friendly, especially at the marina.  Dennard, the owner of Portside Marina, has been a true southern gentleman, welcoming us like we were his own children.  When Frank and I went for our evening walk, we passed by the office and Dennard waved us in and introduced us to some ex-Navy seals.  We ended up chatting with them for about an hour and they shared some entertaining stories.  They even offered us some moonshine, which we politely declined, but took a courtesy sip after they insisted we try it.  It was pretty delicious, tasting a lot like apple cider. One of the seals, a burly 6’8” 300lb guy with a biker beard, taught us Yankees the ways of making good moonshine, bear jerky, and how to properly punch some one in the throat.   Welcome to the real South.

28 kts
Frank and Dylan securing the boat
Stuck jib

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