Sunday, April 3, 2011


Feeling very sad today....saying goodbye to people you care about is really hard.  I know it's not forever because I'll definitely be back in NY, but it's just hard to say farewell to everyone you are so used to seeing on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis.   I guess you can say I'm mourning the death of this part of my life.  I have had so much fun meeting these amazing friends and getting close to them that it's really heart-breaking to think that they're not just a phone call and a subway ride away.  Leaving NY has made me realize just how much people take their lives and loved ones for granted.  It's taught me a lesson about expressing how much you love or care about someone while they're still around to hear it.

On a lighter note, the party was a blast.  Everyone got Frank and I a really cool cake that was in the shape of fried chicken wings and Grape Soda (our favorites cause we're ghetto).  They also got us jackets with Moitessier embroidered on them.  It was a really touching gesture and I can't quite find the right words to say thank you.  As well, our friends from upstate and some of Frank's friends that he hadn't seen in years, also came and showed their love.  It was a blast.  Thank you, Sandra for arranging all of it, and thank you everyone for making us feel like we'll be missed.

My <3...Sandra

My Cake

My girls

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