Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Truck Cap for the Ranger

We finally got a truck cap for the ranger.  Yay! Frank basically spent today modifying and installing it.  We got it off Craigslist for $100 which seemed cheap enough. It pretty much took him all day, since there was no way to attach it, on top of the fact that it wasn't the right size.  I spent my day doing paperwork and our finances. Calling this person and that and feeling worried that I was doing something wrong.  Transferring large sums of money to the yacht-broker's escrow account, all the while having paranoid little thoughts that Tom (our broker) is going to run off to Fiji with our money.'s been a terrifying day.  It's funny, when you think of buying a boat, you don't really think about all the stupid little things that are involved, and how those stupid little things can really stress you out.  The paperwork, the insurance, the contracts, the transferring of funds, the talking with this agent or that, all the while packing everything you own into the back of a pickup truck and praying to Poseidon that it all fits.  Then you can top that with having to figure how the heck you're supposed to lock all your crap in the back so that no one decides to steal it, or the alternative of having to drive a straight shot down to St. Augustine from NY.  I don't mean to complain, but it's just been nuts.   

It took all day yesterday getting our stuff out of the apartment.  Frank had to take about 30 trips up and down with our boxes while I had to stay in the pickup to watch everything and fend off the traffic cops.  It then all had to be tarped because we didn't have the cap yet and it rained for our drive upstate.  We just pushed our closing date to be the 11th instead of the 8th; we just cant get it all together in time....

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