Sunday, April 10, 2011


Adios NY traffic

I <3 NY, bye!
After 2 days of driving, we're finally in St. Augustine.  The drive down was a pretty easy one.  We got to see the transition from winter to spring to summer.  We went from having no buds on the trees to buds, to leaflets, to beautiful green leaves.  40 degrees to 80.  Frank was worried the whole ride that the shocks on our pick up would give up on us (the back of the truck was so low to the ground that you could barely stick a foot under the mud flaps), but somehow, we managed to make it.  I'm having a semi-anxiety attack because Tom has yet to get back to us about our meeting time tomorrow, and I have already wired the balance to his escrow account.  Again, cue visions of him sipping margaritas in Fiji on a hammock while we're pathetically sitting in our truck full of all of our stuff just waiting for him to show up.  Of course, Frank tells me I'm just being paranoid, and I believe that...but that 1% doubt lingering in the back of my mind is simply eating away at me.

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